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Prolific Family ChiropracticHome to Jackson's newest chiropractor, Dr. Brandon Cooley. Our office exists to serve Jackson, MI and the surrounding area with principled Chiropractic care. Our main focus is not just on back and neck pain we care about overall function. It has been observed that a fully functioning nervous system can lead to improvements in things like migraines, heartburn, infertility, addiction, colic, bed wetting, labor and many more!  PFC has an emphasis on pediatrics, care during pregnancy, family wellness, and athletes. PFC utilizes some of today's most advanced technology and techniques.  We use NASA's technology in our instrumentation to give us the most accurate picture of how your nervous system is functioning.  This advanced technology gives us objective data and allows us to show our practice members their progress.  We also have digital x-ray to give us excellent images to assess the spine and extremities.  We offer both manual and instrument adjusting techniques to best serve our practice members.
     We truly believe that healing is accomplished from the inside out.  It is our job to facilitate the healing process through gentle adjustments.  These adjustments help remove nerve interference caused by what we call subluxations or misalignments.  The nervous system controls absolutely everything in your body and it is the role of the Chiropractor to keep the nervous system free of interference so that you can function optimally.  A fully functioning nervous system means feeling better, moving better, and increased immunity.
    Chiropractic facilitates the natural healing process without the aid of drugs or surgery.  It is a common misconception that Chiropractors should only be utilized for pain management.  Although we have great results with pain, the nervous system is ONLY 8-10% sensory, meaning that pain is only a small chunk of what Chiropractic can help with.  We encourage questions about any and all health concerns, it may surprise you of all the health benefits Chiropractic can offer. 
      At Prolific Family Chiropractic we want to serve as many people as possible, but if our office doesn't suit your needs, we encourage you to get your spine checked at another office.  We are so dedicated to the Chiropractic mission that we are more concerned that you are getting adjusted then simply being adjusted at our office.  It is our desire to create a positive, loving, and family environment at our office.  Please contact us if we can serve you in any way. 



Prolific Family Chiropractic LLC

809 West Ganson Street

Jackson, MI 49202



Chiropractic Techniques

TRT or Torque Release Technique, Toggle Recoil or HIO, Palmer Package, Diversified, Gonstead, Thompson Technique, VibraCussor, Arthrostim, TBM or Total Body Modification


Locations Serviced

Jackson MI, Horton, Concord, Leslie MI, Mason, Stockbridge MI, Eaton Rapids, Parma, Spring Arbor, Hanover, Homer, Albion, Litchfield, Jonesville, Hillsdale, Springport MI, Rives Junction MI, Onondaga, Pleasant Lake, Munith, Michigan Center, Grasslake, Chelsea MI, Holt, Lansing, Ann Arbor, Battle Creek, East Lansing MI







Prolific Family Chiropractic


809 West Ganson Street

Jackson, MI 49202